perjantai 30. joulukuuta 2011

Graspop Metal Meeting; SlipKnoT, mainstage, 26.6.2011, Dessel, Belgium

If I said that it was hard to describe Rob Zombie's gig, then this SlipKnoT's gig is harder to describe like 666 times!
It was amazing, wonderful, awesome, so emotional, great ... aaah I don't have enough words in any language!
I. Just. Love. This. Band.

R.I.P. Paul ... we will always remember you.

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Graspop Metal Meeting; Rob Zombie, mainstage, 26.6.2011, Dessel, Belgium

One of the top highlights in my life. EVER. Pure awesomeness!!!
And I'm very happy about these shots, I like them :)


The Zombiemaster himself - Rob motherfuckin' Zombie!

JOHN 5 !!! And in the drums were Ginger Fish!!!

One of the best shots what I took in 2011 for sure!

... and here's another favorite :P

Do I even need to say that I LOVED the show and it was more than any word can describe?!

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