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Wacken Open Air ; Tarja, 6.8.2010, GER

I almost slept too much, and missed Tarja's show ...

Thank God, my 'inside clock' wake-up me! Tarja played the smallest stage on the festival-area (three stages), but there were lots of people come to see her, I guess there's lots of people in Germany who still like Tarja after she's Nightwish-career, more than in Finland.

I have to say that, first I think that should I go to see just for Arch Enemy, but luckily I go to see Tarja! (Ok, I saw few songs from Arch Enemy too)
And I liked it. Maybe that's why, that Tarja is always have been some kind of 'idol' for me ... well, not anymore so much, but years ago ...

She played most of the my own favorites from she's solo-albums but also some Nightwish-stuff, like for example Sleeping Sun. It was so beautiful to hear it when the sun was going down! Awesome :)

Tarja Turunen

Tarja and the band

People have talked about Nightwish-Tarja-Anette-thing so many years, but I have to say that my opinion is that the Nightwish is Tarja, Tuomas, Jukka, Emppu and Marco, for me.
Of course Anette is such a lovely women and good singer, but something died inside me when they divide Tarja from the band. But for me ... I listen them from the Wishmaster-album, so very long time. Still, even how hard I want to, I never felt the same feelings (listening Nightwish with Anette) what I felt listening Nightwish with Tarja, I can't explain this ... but I guess many people can understand it and perhaps feel the same what I do.
Yes, I like a lot of Nightwish's 'new' album Dark Passion Play, and I also saw them few times live, and I guess that I'm gonna see them in future also. But it won't be anymore the same and I just have to get deal with it, even I'm still so sad about that, what happens between the band and Tarja ...

There's still one BUT. One of the biggest reasons, why i don't like Nightwish so much anymore, is the finnish fans. Ok, many of my friends like Nightwish and so on, I don't mean them, but most of the fans are nowdays very ... how can I say it ... the band is like a passion for them, and I guess some of them have 'across the line'.
Nowdays you're not a good fan if you don't own all albums and singles, all t-shirts etc ... If you have only two shirts and I have three, I'm so much better fan than you are! Also there's huge competition of that, who are the first one waiting for the band before the gig. Okay, I understand waiting 'cause I do it by myself also quite a lot, but if you're waiting finnish band in Finland THREE DAYS before the gig only that's why, you wanna show that you're the best fan, isn't it stupid? I also think that is ridiculous.. And if the only point in the gig is that who get the most of attention (yes, different groups have big signs with them, and bigger it's better 'cause MIGHT get more attention than other ones) ... only what I can say is WTF.
Why they just can't enjoy the gigs etc and be friends? No, there's also some stupid competitions ... This is my view for the thing, and I write here quite harsh words but I'm just so pissed off for that kind of attitude etc :D
I saw Nightwish in Graspop (2009 summer), and I can say that the feeling in the audience was so happy and friendly, but in Finland it's more like angry and tense ... I just can't understand that. And I don't even care about that anymore.. I'm not dying if Tuomas don't remember me or look at me once during the gig ... Or then I'm just too old for that stuff ;)

I'm happy that both of them careers have continue and very well, and I hope that in the future they will have lots of great times!

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Wacken Open Air ; Ill Niño, 6.8.2010, GER

One of my good friends is a huge Ill Niño-fan, (I have listen it, but not so much) and she said, that you should check them! So ... let's check them!

So, after Amorphis, we stayed for front of the stage, and we were so ready for Ill Niño! We almost left our places, 'cause the sun was really, really hot at tthat time ... (and I 'get burned' very easily)
Finally they started! I enjoy the gig and actually, I did something very bad during the gig ...

We have saw our two days Wacken-'time' lots of crowdsurffing. And I wanted to try it so badly!
So, I go to the moshpit for few songs, and then, when it was time for last song, I just said for one guy that 'can you help me, I wanna try crowdsurffing!' and then ... I was there, on people hands, it feels almost that you're flying :D AWESOME !!!
Of course I did it many times again during the rest of the festival ... everyone SHOULD try it, it's a ONCE IN A LIFETIME-experience! :D

One of the W:O:A stages ; True Metal Stage.
So there played for example Amorphis and Ill Niño 6.8.

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Wacken Open Air ; Amorphis, 6.8.2010, GER

It was somehow pretty funny to go to see Amorphis in W:O:A ... Well, we're sometimes so insane that we go to other countries than Finland to see some of our finnish favorite bands, even they have gigs in Finland ... insane, perhaps? ;)

Amorphis is not one of my favorite band, but if I have a chance to see them, I go to see them! And my friend want to see them, so, here we go ...
And I actually focused most of the time just for take good photos ... Tomi Joutsen, the vocalist of Amorphis, is one of the best models ;D
I felt somehow during the Amorphis gig, that german (well, mosto of the people in Wacken is german, or I guess so ... well, whatever) fans were more exciting about Amoprhis than fans in Finland ... I can't explain it, but hope so some of you get the idea, what I mean ...

We get pretty front, even there were LOTS OF PEOPLE, and I mean, A LOT. In Wacken is still quite easy to get front, if you go 'side'-way to the stage, 'cause usually people wanna be in the middle.
And if you don't wanna walk, try crowdsurffing ;)

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Wacken Open Air ; Mötley Crüe, 5.8.2010, GER

This was one of the biggest reasons, why I even left to W:O:A! Mötley Fuckin' Crüe!
YES, I knew that they're coming to Finland too, but it is so much cooler to say that "I saw Mötley Crüe at W:O:A" than in Finland. And, otherwise, 'cause we had here pretty damn bad storms at summer, they never played here. So, I WIN! >:)

There were really good feelin' during the gig, even I was little bit pissed off 'cause I wasn't in the front line! But I get there when they have played almost half of the gig, jessss! Awesome!

Vince Neil

Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee

Mick Mars

One of the best gigs in my life EVER.

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Wacken Open Air ; Alice Cooper, 5.8.2010, GER

We saw Alice Cooper veeeeery far away from front line, 'cause we wanna see Mötley Crüe from front line.
There were so much people!! There were lots of people behind us too, I mean, huuuuge area ...
Photos quality it's not the best 'cause we were so far away. We cheked the end of the Alice Cooper's show from second line, front of the stage where Mötley Crüe should play.
They started right after Alice Cooper. He had almost all the same show-elements than club/concert/hall-gigs, and it was so cool!

Check out my zoom ;D

These next three photos are from the ' Mötley Crüe '-stage, I have to take these from the screen.

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