maanantai 23. helmikuuta 2015

Slipknot ; Prepare For Hell-tour !

Sorry for being so silent lately! I was supposed to write some posts for you guys which would come out when I was on the road but I didn't have enough time to do them. Sorry. :(

But the reason why my last week was a "bit" hectic was because I attended to Slipknot's Prepare For Hell-tour! And we (me and my friend Tytti) couldn't go just to Helsinki show so we decided to do also the shows in Norway at Oslo Spektrum and in Sweden at Hovet Stockholm. Because we have been waiting their "comeback" for yeeeeaaaaaaars and one show wouldn't be enough.
And I am so happy we decided to do more than one show! Like best times ever!

I guess it's pretty obvious that this tour was super rad and just simply fucking perfect! We were really scared if we will get to front row in any gigs but we got there at every gig yaaaaaayyy!!
We also met James, Shawn and Sid after the show in Oslo and Sid also in Helsinki a day before the gig.
I will write reviews and show some gig photos from the gigs as soon as possible. Unfortunately my camera is still broken and I had only iPhone, but Tytti had her camera and got some good photos so if she let me share her photos here they will be a better quality photos. I still do have few nice ones. :)

Did any of you see Slipknot during their Prepare For Hell-tour? How was it?
I think these have been one of the best Slipknot shows what I have ever seen. All setlists were PERFECT and the band kick asses so damn well. I also like how the old and new songs sound so good together, perfect combination.

The only thing what annoy me is that the tour is over and we have to wait for summer to see them again, hehe.

torstai 5. helmikuuta 2015

Apulanta at Tavastia in Helsinki, Finland 25.10.2014.

This was my very first time to see Apulanta at their own gig. I have always seen them to play on festivals!
I have liked Apulanta since I was a child because my sister was/is a huge fan. This time I was supposed to go with her, she couldn't make it so I unfortunately needed to go there alone. I was so nervous, being alone in the gigs is not anyhow wrong but it just feel a bit weird. I wasn't even planning to go front row but I ended up there hehe.

I really liked the gig!! I was also positive surprised how badass their gigs are and how great people there were in the audience. Usually at rock-concerts people are a bit annoying, pushing and stuff, but here nothing like that. So you could focus to enjoy the gig 100%! Awesome!

I also liked a lot of setlist. I don't think there were any boring or bad songs! Usually there are always some songs which you don't like so much, not too bad but not your favorites. I really enjoyed to hear songs from so many albums. I like their older punk-stuff but I really think their newer songs (which are having elements from metal music) are as amazing! Some even better.

My camera is broken at the moment so all photos are taken by Iphone 5S. I wish I can get a new camera as soon as possible. :/

And yeah, I got a chance to meet the Apulanta-guys! I was so nervous because I have listen them almost my whole life and haven't met them ever before. But they were very kind and nice for fans, thank you! :)
They also made adorable signings for my sister, and she is planning to tattoo those to her body. Cool!

maanantai 2. helmikuuta 2015

Year 2014 in ROCKHOLIC

Hi and so sorry for being so silent lately. I am organizing stuff for my both blogs and hope I can start to roll both of these better and as soon as possible.

It have been 2015 on for a while already but let's take a quick look about year 2014. This year I wasn't going for gigs so much as before, this year I went for as many gigs as I usually do in two or three months. Such a shame! It was really hard and bad year for me, I am very happy it's finally over.
I wanted to go here and there to see my favorite bands, but I couldn't do it as I wasn't able to travel because of my health issues. At the moment I am so sad and pissed off because my back problems ruined most of my year ... but I think I also learnt a lot from all things what happened and I hope I am little bit more wise now.
I think you must deal with all shit before you can move on. Accept everything what happened and instead of hating - learn something!
Luckily I got a great ending for the year 2014, as being a part of Hobbit Fan Contest-competition winners (my friend won and I got to be her plus one!) and I also start to see lots of exciting tours for 2015. :)

Anyway, 2014 - show us what you got!
It was super hard to choose just three options in every question, so in some I let myself to add one + - Because I really couldn't let it out of the list. Most of all the gigs what I saw were excellent and super awesome, which why it was super hard to choose top three. But no matter which questions, I could answer at least 10 bands/members/songs/etc. but these ones are the ones which first came to my mind.
But you can pretty easily see, which bands and music styles were my favorites. Though nowadays I don't listen so much ''just something'' or anything what I don't really like. I am also a bit bored to find new bands so I just stay listening the ones who I like and if there come some good new band what I like then I start to listen it. But I am not searching and craving for new bands like I maybe did before. Actually it would be a good thing if I wouldn't like any more bands, it's enough hard for now to plan where to go for gigs and so on. :D But I must say sometimes I need a break from some genres - it happen sometimes. Sometimes I need something totally fresh and forgot one genre for a while - just to find it again and when it sounds interesting again. I'm also not so into just one genre anymore, there were times when one special genre were more popular than other ones. Now I have found my favorites from different genres and I think these are fine. Some kind of balance between all the genres.

The best bands - Top 3 ;

1. Rob Zombie
2. Wednesday 13
3. Profane Omen

I didn't have a chance to see Zombie or W13 at all in 2014 - even both were touring in Europe. :( Anyway I listen them a lot during the year and they are part of the stuff/people who kept me in (some kind of) sense during the year and made me want to not give-up.
Profane Omen I saw in april for their own gig and in Nummirock. I have been in their huge fan from 2007 and they never, never disappoint me. I didn't realize how much I missed them before I saw them on the gig again! Their music, gigs and the guys themselves are always super awesome. And they always make me so happy!

The best male singers/artists - Top 3 ;

1. Corey Taylor - Slipknot
2. Chris Motionless - Motionless In White
3. Oliver Sykes - Bring Me The Horizon
+ Jamie Anderson - Sister

The best female singers/artists - Top 3 ;

1. Liv Sin Jagrell - Sister Sin
2. Alissa White-Gluz - Arch Enemy
3. Taylor Momsen - The Pretty Reckless

The best new bands in 2014 - Top 3 ;

1. Motionless In White
2. In This Moment
3. Chrome Division

Yes, all of these bands are definitely not new bands. But this year they really hit me! Not literally, haha. This year I fell in deep love with all of them. There are not so many new or "new" bands anymore, who could wake-up this flame inside of me and make me love them. But these bands did!
In my opinion MIW's latest album is definitely the best from them, there's no any weak songs, it's just a beautiful and strong album. And what I have seen about their live performances, they rock super much!!
In This Moment I have know for a while too, but I wasn't so into them in the beginning. It felt like there were something in their music which annoy me a bit. Don't know for sure what was it, but when I heard Big Bad Wolf first time I was like "oh my God yessss!". I like female singers with strong, unique voices and metal with industrial vibes. Which makes ITM in my eyes good of course!
I saw and heard about Chrome Division first time before Nummirock, I knew them somehow just a Shagrath's side-project but oh my Gaaad! Filthy, catchy rock'n'roll! There's nothing better in world than honest badass rock'n'roll, and Chrome Division play that kind of music. Here, take my heart, it's all yours!

The best albums - Top 3 ;

1. Slipknot - .5: The Grey Chapter
2. Deathstars - The Perfect Cult
3. Motionless In White - Reincarnate
+ Sister - Disguised Vultures

I think all of these three albums were the albums, which don't have any bad or boring songs (we all know that there is almost always these good albums which don't have bad songs - but all of them are not as strong and brilliant as the rest of the album). Pure perfection from the start to the end! Specially new Slipknot album is just huge masterpiece!! When it was released I listen only that one for a week - non-stop and nothing else. It's perfection.
And I must give a special shout out to Sister. I have liked a lot of all their EPs and albums but this newest one is definitely the best one from them. Very united, strong album which all songs are pure awesomeness and would sound brilliant at live.

The best songs - Top 3 ;

1. Slipknot - Custer
2. Motionless In White - Final Dictvm feat. Tim Skold
3. Skid Row - We Are The Damned
+ Sister Sin - Count Me Out
+ Sister - Dmn

This was so hard and I would love to add more and more, but I needed to stop at some point lol!

The best music videos - Top 3 ;

I like the most very artistic videos where are some nice, scary story and they are visually very catchy, beautiful and simply awesome. And all of these definitely are like that!

1. Slipknot - The Devil In I

2. Sister Sin - Chaos Royale

3. Motionless In White - Reincarnate

+ In This Moment - Big Bad Wolf 

+ Deathstars - All the Devil Toys

The best gigs - Top 3 ;

1. Bring Me The Horizon - Tuska Open Air, Finland
2. Profane Omen - Nummirock, Finland
3. Deathstars - Klubi Tampere, Finland
+ Skid Row - Getaway Rock Festival, Sweden
+ London After Midnight - Tavastia, Finland

The best festival ;

Wacken Open Air, Germany

The best gig/concert place ;

I didn't go so many gigs but I think I visited the most often at Tavastia, which is ok.

The best merch-product ;

I like the most of legendary band shirts - they are just awesome. I bought for example Chrome Division shirt which backside is hilarious ; "Every time I have sex with my boyfriend I think about Chrome Division guys." And I like a lot of my Bring Me The Horizon's Sempiternal-shirt too!

The best / favorites gig photos in 2014 ;

Dimmu Borgir at Getaway Rock Festival, Sweden

Apulanta at Tavastia, Finland

London After Midnight at Tavastia, Finland

Deathstars at Klubi, Finland

Bring Me The Horizon at Wacken Open Air, Germany

Michael Monroe at Getaway Rock Festival, Sweden

Bullet For My Valentine at The Circus, Finland

Bring Me The Horizon at Tuska Open Air, Finland

DORO ar Getaway Rock Festival, Sweden

Profane Omen at Nosturi, Finland

Dimmu Borgir at Tuska Open Air, Finland

Bring Me The Horizon at Wacken Open Air, Germany

Bullet For My Valentine at The Circus, Finland

DORO at Getaway Rock Festival, Sweden

Bring Me The Horizon at Tuska Open Air, Finland

Dimmu Borgir at Getaway Rock Festival, Germany

Bring Me The Horizon at Wacken Open Air, Germany

Profane Omen at Nosturi, Finland

Dimmu Borgir at Tuska Open Air, Finland

That was 2014 in a nutshell. Rock on!