torstai 30. elokuuta 2012

Trash Fest V at Gloria, Helsinki, 5.-6.10.2012!

There have been four Trash Fest before this one and luckily we will have (at least) one more!!!
There are playing LOTS of good bands and  for example one of the best: DEATHSTARS!
They haven't been in Finland at their own gig since 2010 even though they were supporting Rammstein in Europe, including Finland in february 2012.

Get your ticket from HERE and let's party our asses off!!!

Check out the websites:

maanantai 27. elokuuta 2012

New album out: AxeWound - Vultures 1.10.!

Finally AxeWound release their debut album, Vultures, at october 1st!

You can pre-order it from here: iTunes: AxeWound - Vultures
You can pre-order it with signed copies from here: : AxeWound - Vultures
You can pre-order it from here: hmv: AxeWound - Vultures

And all people in the UK ... damn you, they're touring around UK in october :

I wish SO MUCH I could make some of those gigs but I can't ... no fucking money! :'( FML

Anyway, I try to catch the signed album asap I get some money. I think you should do the same ;)
Who liked the new music video from AxeWound? (check it out from HERE!!!)

Check out the websites:

AxeWound / Tumblr
AxeWound / Facebook

tiistai 21. elokuuta 2012

New music video from Marilyn Manson : Slo-Mo-Tion!

It's here, the brand new video from Marilyn Manson - The God of Fuck!

I think this is awesome. Brilliant! Perfect! Just .... AMAZING!!!
How about you? :)

maanantai 20. elokuuta 2012

New music video from AxeWound - Cold!

AxeWound have released they're new (and the only one for so far) music video of their song Cold.
I like it a lot, how about you? :)

Check out the websites:

AxeWound / Tumblr
AxeWound / Facebook

maanantai 6. elokuuta 2012

New single from SISTER SIN available tomorrow 7th of august! + Tour dates!

Ruotsalainen, mahtava ja oikean asenteen omaava rock-bändi SISTER SIN julkaisee huomenna uuden singlen tulevalta albumiltaan!
Singlen nimi on End Of The Line ja se julkaistaan digitaalisesti kaikkialla, esimerkiksi Itunes, AmazonMP3, Spotify yms. Suosittelen kuuntelemaan ;)

Swedish rock band SISTER SIN release their new single End Of The Line tomorrow, 7.8. in digitally everywhere like Itunes, AmazonMP3, Spotify etc. Are you ready?! ;)

Uusi albumi julkaistaan lokakuussa, 23. päivä!
Albumin nimi on Now And Forever ja sen voi ennakko-tilata mm. TÄÄLTÄ!

New album will be out in october, 23.10.! The name for the new album is Now And Forever and you can pre-order it from example it HERE!

Album cover with beautiful Liv!

SISTER SINin kiertue yltää myös Suomeenkin syyskuussa ;
28.9. On The Rocks, Helsinki
29.9. Leipätehdas, Vaasa

Itse ajattelin ehdottomasti nuo keikat katsastaa sekä tulevana viikonloppuna Ruotsin Skogsröjetissä jonne olen suuntaamassa :P
Suosittelen ehdottomasti bändin tsekkaamista livenä, yksi parhaimmista rock-bändeistä niin levyllä kuin livenäkin!
Etenkin livenä meininki on aina enemmän kuin rock ja takuu varmasti mieleen painuva kokemus. Mielestäni SISTER SIN on yksi tämän hetken voimakkaimmista ja parhaimmista rock-bändeistä joissa on laulajana nainen, Livissä on enemmän sitä kuuluisaa munaa kuin monessa nykypäivän rock-bändeissä joissa on mies-laulaja. Jos ette itse usko, suosittelen tutustumaan bändiin paremmin ;)
SISTER SIN on myös tehnyt muutaman coverin, U.D.O.n kappaleesta 24/7 sekä Mötorheadin Rock' N' Rollista jossa on feattaamassa Doro!

All photos from:

SISTER SIN is on tour at the moment and their tour is also coming to Finland in september ;
28.9. On The Rocks, Helsinki
29.9. Leipätehdas, Vaasa

I'm definitely going to both of them, this is something what you don't want to miss!!
I'm also seeing them at this weekend in Sweden at Skogsröjet-festival, can't wait! The tour is mostly going on in Sweden including these two days in Finland, at least for this far but be ready for tour-updates.
I suggest you to go to see SISTER SIN if you're intrested to see a real rock-band with a real attitude and good, powerful and raw music, and I can promise to you that you will remember that show forever! ;)
In my opinion, SISTER SIN is one of the most strongest and best rock-bands at the moment where's a woman in vocals, there's a lot more attitude in Liv than many male rock-bands singers in nowdays. If you don't believe me, maybe you should check out more of this band ... ;)
SISTER SIN have made also few covers, from U.D.O.'s 24/7 and from Mötorhead's Rock' N' Roll featuring Doro!

Check out the websites;

SISTER SIN / Official homepage
SISTER SIN / Facebook