torstai 11. elokuuta 2011

It's time for summer's final festival ; Skogsröjet in Sweden!

Don't know why every fucking year summer go so fast, and suddenly you can see it's august, autumn is coming, schools are starting etc. shit like that!
And the best thing in summer, festivals, gonna end! Buuuu! But of course, if we could have festivals 24/7 they wouldn't have the magic :/

But yes, our final festival this year is Skogsröjet, in Sweden! There's lots of AWESOME bands and most of them are (surprise, surprise!) from Sweden!

Bands in 2011 (the pink-ones are the bands what I have see) ;

Friday ; Smash Into Pieces, Killer clan of fun, Bad Seduction, Sister, A New Way To Flavour, Entombed, The Gloria Story, Dynazty, Sparzanza, United We Stand, Stonelake, The Neverdies, Sarea, Rock n Roll Allstars,Bullet, OZ, U.D.O.
Saturday; Refuel, Siphon Fuel, Night, Illfigure, Badmouth, Dirty Passion, Fatal Smile, Miss Behaviour, Skitarg, Atomosfear, Amy's Ashes, Nifters, Skraeckodelan, Los sin Nombre, Daddy Frizz, Oblivious, Baby Jane, Bloodbound, Electric Boys, Pretty Boy Floyd, Hardcore Superstar, D-A-D and W.A.S.P.

Of course I'm looking for other ands too :) But I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS!
We're leaving today, by boat and will be back in Hellsinki on monday morning. Stay rock and have a awesome rockin' weekend everyoone!

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