keskiviikko 23. toukokuuta 2012

Sonisphere-Finland; SlipKnoT, mainstage, 2.7.2011, Kalasatama, Helsinki

It was definitely worth of all waiting, burning in the sun and listening annoying people - this band is pure awesomeness, there's no enough positive words to describe how good this band is!
It's the BEST!

Music, lyrics, band members, live-shows -> everything is so awesome, personal, so creative and perfect that it will change your life forever!
And having Paul's 'doll' on the stage, creating the spirit of Paul, was really touchful ... in positive and negative way, negative 'cause it made (and make) me sad. Good people die too young! :(

Paul <3

I love this band of my heart. Simply the best heh.
And yes, I'm also very happy of these photos, I think they turned pretty good even there was a very, very wild crowd! :P

Check out the websites; / SlpiKnoT Official Homepage
SlipKnoT / MySpace
SlipKnoT / Facebook / Official Homepage
Sonisphere Finland / Official Homepage

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