maanantai 22. lokakuuta 2012

New video and album out from swedish rockers: SISTER SIN!

Finally it's here!!!
New video of the single-song End Of The Line and new album Now And Forever from amazingly awesome SISTER SIN! These rockers are from Sweden, don't know then what the fuck they have in their water 'cause many of the best rock bands at the moment come from there ... haha.

Anyway here's the new, amazing video, check it out!

And like it's not enough, the new album Now And Forever is finally here!! Get yours from somewhere and listen this true sound of the underground!!
I will do my own review of this album later ;)
For all fans in Sweden, daaamn you. You have lots of opportunities to see them at live now - go to see them and I can promise to you it will be worth of it :)

Check out more of the band, tour dates and everything from Sister Sin Official Facebook-page!

Rock on!! \,,/

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