torstai 7. maaliskuuta 2013

Back to basics ...

... hey there! :)

Sorry for being so quiet lately, I have had lots of work to do and tour-life have started again, finally!!! I have been waiting this since the whole damn year began.
I'm doing some changes to this blog now ... like I will add more old and new concert-photos because I'm pretty busy nowdays so I don't have time to update all news very fast :/ (as you have maybe noticed haha). I also might do some little changes to the outfit ...

I will also inform about all interesting news/etc. as much and fast as I can, I will try my best, so stay tuned. I'm also writing a little post about myself to here and I will release it as soon as it's ready. This blog is about music and all what it is but I think it would be nice to YOU to know who's tour-bus you're sitting at ;)
And how I have come to this point where I am now ... insane music and gig-lover hehe.

I hope everyone of you know that there are out now new albums from bands like Wednesday 13, Crashdïet and Hardcore Superstar ... and many more too, of course, but these ones are the special ones for me. I might to do some kind of reviews of these, would you like to read that kind of stuff? Or is there something special what you love or hate in this blog? Beside I'm sometimes very bad blogger because I don't post anything hehe :P
It's your time to SPEAK!

Just wanted to say hi to all you lovely people and let you know that I'm still alive. Have a great day and be ready for new stuff! Kippis! :)

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