maanantai 23. maaliskuuta 2015

Monsters of the Universe UK invasion and Vultures across the Europe!

Being busy as a bee once again, I was meant to make some posts ready for you but I failed it. Oops, haha!

WEDNESDAY 13 at Newcastle, UK 12.3.2015.

I was about 1,5 weeks on the road in England because I went to meet my good friends and see some bands. Like my favorite bands Wednesday 13 and Sister. :)
We were supposed to do Wolverhampton, Manchester and Nottingham shows from Wednesday 13, then Steel Panther in Leicester for friday the 13th and Sister in London. But sometimes plans change!
So we ended up to do Newcastle and Glasgow shows from Wednesday 13 too. Sorry not sorry for seeing them five times in a week!

WEDNESDAY 13 at Nottingham, UK 14.3.2015.

So we had to skip Steel Panther show but manage to do Sister show in London. Thank God, it was so super!
It was so close that we didn't go to see W13 for the last three shows, but now we know that next time we will book the whole damn tour haha!

SISTER at Underworld London, UK 17.3.2015.

So happy we got to see Sister in London but I would love to see them somewhere else during their UK/Europe too. I went to Oslo just a day or two after their gig in there and then missed them in UK too.
Better luck next time I hope. :P

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