lauantai 29. elokuuta 2015

Festival summer 2015!

Sorry for being so quiet lately. I had lots of work to do and got some festivals to do and it just didn't feel right to update my blog. And I don't want to update this if I don't feel like it. I hope you understand. :)

This summer I visited in Graspop Metal Meeting, Tuska Open Air festival's afterparty clubs, Wacken Open Air and Getaway Rock Festival. I also went to see Suicide Silence's gig in Nosturi a day before going to Getaway. That's all for me at this summer!
I wish I could do more and specially the ones where Rob Zombie were playing but I guess this was better than nothing.

Butcher Babies in Graspop

I didn't got so many good photos in anywhere as I had just my phone with me.
I will share photos from each festival in here and also have some exciting tour / gigs plans coming up for me in here Finland and in Europe too!

I hope you had a great summer too!

P.s. Have you heard new Bring Me The Horizon songs?! How fucking amazing those are??

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