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Close-up Båten ; Crucified Barbara, 10.9.2010, SWE-FIN-SWE

I, and my two friends, wanted to see Crashdïet before next year, so we went to Sweden and Close-up Båten, which is a cruise between Sweden and Finland. The boat leaves from Sweden, Stockholm, come to Finland, Turku, and goes back to Stockholm.
We left from Helsinki one day before the cruise (8.9.), so we were in Sweden, Stockholm in the morning at next day. The cruise started 9.10. and ended 10.9. We came back 'in the same boat' than Close-up Båten were, which leaves few hours after it came back to Stockholm, so when we came back to Finland, we came to Turku and it was 11.9. in the morning.
Hopefully some of you understand something of that messy explanation :D

There were few bands but we partied the whole time before Crashdïet, so the first band where I have some photos is Crucified Barbara, swedish girl-band, who played before Crashdïet.
They were totally new band for me and when they start I almost went to shock. Who the hell are these girls?! Why I haven't heard of them before?!
These girls have more balls than big rock-bands these days. So if you like good rock music with THE ATTITUDE, check them out!
Photos are NOT very good, but I wanna share some of them just because they impressed me so well. I would love to see their show again and soon!

We will hear these girls later, I'm so sure about that! :)

Check out the websites ;

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