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Faster! Harder! Louder! 2011!

Guess what, my dear followers?!
I have bought my first festival-ticket for summer 2011! Okay, I bought it long time ago, but I get it to me last weeks friday!
So ...

... say hello to my Wacken Open Air 2011 -3 days *ALL IN* ticket- !!!
At this moment, W:O:A 2011 is SOLD OUT! I guess that if you wanna come to W:O:A you can find some tickets from eBay, or if your country is making trip to W:O:A, ask very soon is there any places left!
And for finnish people ; Elmu has still some tickets left (trip-tickets), read more HERE!
Notice, that you need to be fast, you have only THIS MONTH time to get contact to Elmu and say that you're intressed!!! Read more of the link what I put.

But the question is ; What bands are this year in W:O:A?
I will now put here ALL BANDS who gonna play there and then after the band name put my opinion them, am I gonna go to see them and so on :) Bands who I'm waiting for the most is in pink colour.
Let's start the show!

Accuser - Never heard.
Airbourne - This band kick asses! I saw them first time in Sauna Open Air 2008 (?) and they totally stole my heart!
Apocalyptica - Last year I saw them in W:O:A, even it was a "secret" show! This year have to see them too, they're awesome!
As I Lay Dying - Haven't listen this band so much nowdays, but I like their attitude and music style. So definitely gonna check them!
Avantasia - One of my friend, who's coming with our group, like them, and if there's nothing better playing same time than them, I guess I'm gonna watch their show.
Battle Beast - Never heard.
Blaas of Glory - Never heard.
Blind Guardian - Not my fav bands, but not bad band at all. Gonna watch if there's nothing better to do :D
Blowsight - Never heard.
Bullet - I miss their show in Finland this week 'cause I'm very ill atm!!! So definitely gonna check them in W:O:A!
Bülent Ceylan - Never heard.
Children of Bodom - One of the biggest reasons why I buy the ticket. It doesn't matter if in W:O:A would be only COB and all other bands would be not so good - the feeling in the area is something what you can't tell in words! Can't wait this :)
Cradle of Filth - One of my teenage fav bands. Gonna check them if there's nothing better going on at the same time, I wanna hear Nymhetamine! Hopefully their still playing that ...
CrashDiet - Next day when I get that ticket to my hands, Crashdïet confirmed to play in W:O:A !!! Their my fav band at the moment and this is so good luck for me, I'm so excited!
Devil Driver - Haven't listen them so much ... maybe.
Eläkeläiset - Hahahaha, don't like them at all, but gonna go check them just because their finnish! :D
Excrementory G. - Never heard.
Exodus - One of my friend who's coming with us like them so maybe I'm gonna check them too!
Hail of Bullets - Never heard, but the name sounds interesting ...
Hayseed Dixie - ^
Hämatom - Very, very interesting name! Still, never heard, maybe I should check them because of that name :D
Heaven Shall Burn - If their not playing same time than some of my top favourites, gonna check them out.
Hellsaw - Never heard, but interesting name.
Horch - Never heard.
Iced Earth - Don't know yet, shall we see them ...
In Solitude - ^
Judas Priest - Definitely gonna check them!
Kataklysm - Don't know. Interesting name and I remember that I have sometime somewhere heard them songs ...
Khold - Never heard.
Knorkator - ^
Kreator - One of my friends who's leaving with us, like them, so I think I'm gonna check them too if there's nothing good at the same time.
Mayhem - I listen them when Joey Jordison play drums in Mayhem, but ... it's not my style music anymore.
Morbid Angel - Not one of my top fav bands, but ...
Morgoth - Sounds some death metal band, so I guess I'm not gonna watch them ...
Motörhead - Definitely gonna see them!
Negator - Never heard.
Onslaught - ^
Ozzy Osbourne - Gonna check him, even his not a God for me, heh ...
Primal Fear - Gonna check them if it's possible.
Rhapsody of Fire - ^
Russkaja - Totally 'never heard' band but sounds interesting!
Saltatio Mortis - ^
Sepultura - Gonna check them!
Shining - Maybe I have heard about them, not sure, but maybe, if we had time ...
Shraphead - Never heard.
Sirenia - Gonna check them!!
Skálmöld - Sounds some folk/epic/"wood"-metal, heh heh!
Ski King - Never heard, but pretty funny name! If there's chance to see them, maybe!
Sodom - We have laughed this so much that this year there's Bodom and Sodom! Not my fav bands at all, but gonna check them out, maybe ...
Stier - Never heard.
Stormzone - ^
Subway to Sally - Gonna check them!
Suicidal T. Never heard.
Suidakra - ^
Tauthr - ^
The Aberlours - ^
The Haunted - Gonna check them!
The Prophecy 23 - ^
The Smackballz - Never heard, but the name sounds good!
Tokyo Blade - ^
Torture Squad - Never heard.
Triosphere - ^
Trivium - Definitely gonna see them !!!
Tsjuder - Never heard.
Venomin James - Never heard but interesting name!
Victims of Madness - ^
Visions of Atlantis - Gonna watch them if there's nothing better at the same time.
Volcano - Never heard but funny name!
Vreid - Never heard.

So, what we can see? Not very much MUST HAVE-bands, but the quality is the best ;)
Quite much never heard-bands, but it's always nice to see new bands!

Can't wait for W:O:A 2011 !!! 173 days to go! :)

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