keskiviikko 16. helmikuuta 2011

Project Pitchfork, 22.10.2010, Gloria, Hki

This was my first time in ages, when I went to gig, where played a band, who I haven't seen at live before!

I was so shock after the gig. They were so good and awesome! Brilliant! I WANT MORE!
I'm so happy that my friend just say to me that "Girl, you're coming, I won't accept a word "no"!". Thank God I went there, I should go to see them when they played in Lumous Gothic Festival in 2009.
Luckily I went this time!
If you wanna dance, and just enjoy with the good people around you AND you like gothic and electro german music -> go to see Project Pitchfork!
I'm not 100% sure what ''genre'' they're, 'cause they're so new band for me. But I will definitely gonna go to see them if I have a chance for that and get know the band and their music better :)

Check out the websites ;

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