sunnuntai 29. toukokuuta 2011

Reckless Love, 17.12.2010, Dante's, Hki

This was my last gig at 2010 :) Finnish 80's rock'n'roll by Reckless Love!

Not bad at all, they played all hit songs and also some older ones like "So Yeah!" and "One More Time". The feeling was super good on the gig; when the band members enjoy the playing from their heart the feeling in the audience is different too = way more better cause you can feel the band members joy!

Olli Herman, vocalist

Pepe, guitar and backing vocals

Great gig, here's some of my photos. Hope you like them as much I do :)

Hessu Maxx, drums

On the left side ; Jalle Verne, bass and backing vocals

You could find this photo from their website ;) (except, their fixing that (=website) now ...)
I was so surprised and happy when I saw that they used my photo. Thanks guys! :)

Check out the websites ;

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