maanantai 30. toukokuuta 2011

Touring in 2011 ~

Hey babes!

I'm so sorry for long break in blogging. Icehockey's world championship-games started and then it takes lots of time (= all of my time) of my life, haha :D
As many of you might know, we (FINLAND!!!) won it! We are the Champions in Icehockey 2011!!! Umbefuckin'lievable!

When the games were over and I finally have little bit more time, Blogger just fucked up! I couldn't log in -> couldn't post anything. Let's hope that this works now and I can post lots of stuff - 'cause it's coming ... ;)

As some of you might notice, I've visited in Sweden in april, where ended Dark Decadence-tour by Hardcore Superstar, Crashdïet and The 69 Eyes.
I'm doing another trip to Sweden to see awesome swedish sleaze/punk influenced rock/metal band, SISTER!

They're releasing their debut album called by HATED. Album release-party are in june 3rd, and we will leave to Sweden on thursday morning, 2nd of june :) Gonna be super awesome !!!

Here's some photos of posts, which are coming ;

Reckless Love in Virgin Oil.

Crashdïet in Stockholm, Cirkus-club.

Hardcore Superstar in Stockholm, Cirkus-club.

The 69 Eyes in Stockholm, Cirkus-club.

Ensiferum ( supporting Children Of Bodom ).

Children Of Bodom, from The Ugly World Tour.

The 69 Eyes in Dante's.

Have a rockin' day everyone :)

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