tiistai 30. syyskuuta 2014

Doro at Getaway Rock Festival in Gävle, Sweden 9.10.2014.

I guess we all know who is this living legend and Queen of metal?

I have seen Doro at live few times and every single time I have felt so deep respect to her. She is so inspiring and kind person but at the same time also a kick-ass rock'n'roll queen. I'm so happy that she is still staying strong in music business and doing lots of gigs. Because they are so glorious!

Let's say it what we all think and know ; Doro is not so young anymore. But damn, she ROCK!
I think she have more attitude and is kicking asses more than most of the new metal bands vocalists, no matter if they're women or men.
People always think that a bit heavier music is so dark and suicidal but Doro is such a positive person and have really good (and positive) opinions of metal and metalheads that all you can do is just think "I so fucking agree with you, woman!". You don't need to be always so pissed off etc. look like a total badass to have a successful career or be famous in this music scene - you can do it also in the way like Doro does. It's amazing!

When an artist is showing so clearly how much she respect her band mates, fans and the whole scene is just so fucking awesome. And of course make and play great songs!
I haven't ever listen Warlock so much but I have listen Doro's solo albums. She is mixing both materials on her gigs which works well. I really like the newest album, there is a bunch of really rocking songs!
She also came out from the stage after the gig in Getaway to say hello to fans and sign stuff. We were lucky to be in the front row and have a chance to thank her from the amazing gig and took a quick selfie haha!
Suck a lovely person, hope to see her soon again. :)

All shall hail and kneel for the one and only DORO the Queen of Metal!

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