torstai 25. syyskuuta 2014

Michael Monroe at Getaway Rock Festival in Gävle, Sweden 9.10.2014

Luckily most of the bands in the main-stage in Getaway Rock were interesting. The first one were Michael Monroe.
I have been listening Hanoi Rocks pretty much and though I have like a lot Monroe's solo band as well, for some reason I haven't seen them many times even I'm Finnish and they do have pretty much gigs in here. That was my first thought after first song. Why I don't go to see this band more often? Why?

So yes, they were really good, full of energy, audience was excited and I felt so proud to be Finnish because of them haha!

I focused most of the gig to enjoy the music and atmosphere so I didn't took so many photos. After all I got few nice shots anyway!
As a big Backyard Babies-fan I was really happy to see Dregen play again with Monroe. I think Monroe were a great band with Dregen back in time before he left but I think Dregen's solo band and Monroe without Dregen works too.
Great gig, I really enjoyed it. :)

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