torstai 11. syyskuuta 2014

SISTER SIN on Chaos Royale-tour!

Swedish rock'n'roll band SISTER SIN is going to massive European tour called by Chaos Royale European Tour!
I suggest you all check this band out, I have seen them first time in 2010 if I remember right and they blew my mind totally! Since then I have been going their almost every gig in Finland ans seen them various times in Sweden also. One of the best live bands what I know in the whole world, so go and see one of Hell rock'n'roll show. ;)

Here are few photos of their last show in Finland which was in Nummirock 2013!

Can't wait to see them again, they're such a nice people and play kick ass rock'n'roll which is always a good combination. Good times and good gigs coming up!

Catch them in Finland ;
26.9. On the Rocks, Helsinki
27.9. Leipätehdas, Vaasa

And here is all of the gigs in Chaos Royale Tour, which one you're going to?!

Photo from here.

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