torstai 5. helmikuuta 2015

Apulanta at Tavastia in Helsinki, Finland 25.10.2014.

This was my very first time to see Apulanta at their own gig. I have always seen them to play on festivals!
I have liked Apulanta since I was a child because my sister was/is a huge fan. This time I was supposed to go with her, she couldn't make it so I unfortunately needed to go there alone. I was so nervous, being alone in the gigs is not anyhow wrong but it just feel a bit weird. I wasn't even planning to go front row but I ended up there hehe.

I really liked the gig!! I was also positive surprised how badass their gigs are and how great people there were in the audience. Usually at rock-concerts people are a bit annoying, pushing and stuff, but here nothing like that. So you could focus to enjoy the gig 100%! Awesome!

I also liked a lot of setlist. I don't think there were any boring or bad songs! Usually there are always some songs which you don't like so much, not too bad but not your favorites. I really enjoyed to hear songs from so many albums. I like their older punk-stuff but I really think their newer songs (which are having elements from metal music) are as amazing! Some even better.

My camera is broken at the moment so all photos are taken by Iphone 5S. I wish I can get a new camera as soon as possible. :/

And yeah, I got a chance to meet the Apulanta-guys! I was so nervous because I have listen them almost my whole life and haven't met them ever before. But they were very kind and nice for fans, thank you! :)
They also made adorable signings for my sister, and she is planning to tattoo those to her body. Cool!

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