maanantai 23. helmikuuta 2015

Slipknot ; Prepare For Hell-tour !

Sorry for being so silent lately! I was supposed to write some posts for you guys which would come out when I was on the road but I didn't have enough time to do them. Sorry. :(

But the reason why my last week was a "bit" hectic was because I attended to Slipknot's Prepare For Hell-tour! And we (me and my friend Tytti) couldn't go just to Helsinki show so we decided to do also the shows in Norway at Oslo Spektrum and in Sweden at Hovet Stockholm. Because we have been waiting their "comeback" for yeeeeaaaaaaars and one show wouldn't be enough.
And I am so happy we decided to do more than one show! Like best times ever!

I guess it's pretty obvious that this tour was super rad and just simply fucking perfect! We were really scared if we will get to front row in any gigs but we got there at every gig yaaaaaayyy!!
We also met James, Shawn and Sid after the show in Oslo and Sid also in Helsinki a day before the gig.
I will write reviews and show some gig photos from the gigs as soon as possible. Unfortunately my camera is still broken and I had only iPhone, but Tytti had her camera and got some good photos so if she let me share her photos here they will be a better quality photos. I still do have few nice ones. :)

Did any of you see Slipknot during their Prepare For Hell-tour? How was it?
I think these have been one of the best Slipknot shows what I have ever seen. All setlists were PERFECT and the band kick asses so damn well. I also like how the old and new songs sound so good together, perfect combination.

The only thing what annoy me is that the tour is over and we have to wait for summer to see them again, hehe.

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