perjantai 19. kesäkuuta 2015

Bullet For My Valentine - Venom tour is coming to Finland! Tickets are on sale!

Finally Bullet For My Valentine announced some Europe dates which include Finland also!
The last albums haven't been maybe the best from BFMV, but those are ok. They also released a few days before European dates a new song from upcoming Venom album and I really like it!
What a shame they are touring with Slipknot and Motionless In White in AMERICA. Why all the good tours are in America?!

Photo : BFMV Facebook

BFMV will play in Helsinki icehall which is quite big place but they won't play for the whole hall - it will be a special gig as they will do it a club gig by closing some areas at the hall. Interesting idea! At the moment there are not any middle-size gig place in Helsinki, maybe this is the solution for it?
I bought my ticket when they came on sale and there are still tickets left in Live Nation! Buy yours before those are gone!
Last time I went to see them alone and it look like it's the same case this year too. Blah. Might go to Stockholm too, not sure about it yet as I am in the end of october/beginning of november in England. What a shame that all those towns in England what I could do are too early in october so can't do them. :(

For other Europe dates I suggest you to check out your local ticket shops for the ticket prices / buying tickets.

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