maanantai 15. kesäkuuta 2015

Graspop Metal Meeting 2015 - here I come !

I'm very excited to return to one of my fave festivals!
I have been at Graspop Metal Meeting three times before and I really like the festival. The only minus come from tokens, I seriously can't understand why I have to pay stuff by those fucking tokens and not by cash. Stupid idea. But otherwise the festival is great and can recommend it to everyone! It's brilliant even those tokens are quite annoying. ;)

Photo : GMM Facebook

I am very excited also that's why as I will see three more what I haven't seen EVER BEFORE. And that's very rare for me lol!
Motionless In White, Butcher Babies and Hollywood Undead are the ones which I will see the first time ever, so damn excited! Also the whole line-up is pretty perfect, Rob Zombie would have make it perfect but they played there last year so nooope, and what I check about the running order I should see most of the bands what I want to see. Though there are so many bands what I want to see!

Let's go, I am ready!

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