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Mötley Crüe - The Final Tour is coming to Finland !

Mötley Crüe are playing the last gigs ever (never say never ...) at their The Final Tour in this year. The last gig of all last gigs will be in Los Angeles at 31.12.
They have mostly toured in America and some gigs in Australia too (if I remember right) before at this year and now they are doing some festival gigs in Europe. Later this year they will do a quite massive tour in Europe, including one gig in Finland at wednesday 18.11.2015.

Photo : Mötley Crüe Facebook

I'm quite sure that I will buy a ticket, after all it should be the last gig ever but I have very confused feelings about it. Part of me want to see them for sure and part of me is kind a "whatever" about the whole thing.
I have seen them several times and I must say that the last time I saw them (which was in 2012) was quite lame. They weren't bad, but they weren't super good either. Back in 2009 and 2010 I think they rocked very well on stage but then ... blah. I hate to say that as they are very, very amazing band after all. But it just felt a bit lame and had less energy/hunger for playing than the support bands.
I saw some videos from Sweden Rock Festival where they played and I must say I'm not so excited after those clips. I hope it will be a lot better performance in november.
Alice Cooper is supporting at the most of the gigs, not sure if he will be in Helsinki. I really hope so as it would be amazing to see him and his show once again!

Tickets to Finland show will go on sale on monday 15th, 9:00am. Pretty sure they will sell out quite fast so be ready!
For other European dates I suggest you to check out your local ticket shops / live nation shops for the gig dates and which day they go on sale.

Any thoughts about The Final Tour? Are you going?

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