torstai 22. lokakuuta 2015

Getaway Rock Festival, Gävle, Sweden 6.8.2015

We went to Getaway Rock Festival just to see Rob Zombie. We were lucky to have Crucified Barbara and Hardcore Superstar to play at the same stage. Saxon and Status Quo also played at the same stage and just before Rob Zombie.
I think both bands were really boring and I would like to have for example HCSS to play before Zombie so the 'support bands' would be better ones heh.

I really liked to see HCSS to play as I haven't seen them in ages! Great gig!

Hardcore Superstar

Rob Zombie

With Piggy D. :)

One of my favorite shows for sure from Zombie!! Fucking loved it!!
Also got to meet Piggy D. after the show. Made my day for sure! Thank you for everything hun. :)

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