keskiviikko 21. lokakuuta 2015

Slipknot will return to Europe in 2016 !

Slipknot have released gigs for many European countries! You can find your local concert (if there will be one) from their website or from Live Nation's page.
Tour will be in january-february 2016, at least all the dates what I have seen so far are at that time.

Photo from the show in Helsinki at this year. Crappy iPhone quality, sorry!

First they announced gigs to UK so I and my friend bought tickets for both London gigs. Then we saw dates for Norway and Sweden at their website and finally there were Finland too. I had to buy a ticket for Finland show too lol. Luckily I got the fanclub ticket so I didn't need to worry and stress about getting them before they sell out.
Wish I could go to Sweden too but it's in Göteborg and I might need to go there by my own so I would prefer Stockholm as I know it better.
And these three will take enough money from me already. :P So I think I will skip Sweden ...

Are you going to somewhere to see them at the beginning of 2016?

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