maanantai 5. lokakuuta 2015

Upcoming gigs in Finland !

There are lots of good gigs and tours coming up at this fall in Finland. Here's few of them! I haven't have time to update these or check if there are some other interesting gigs coming up too (probably is!!) but if you have some in your mind please share your info in comments. :)

Bring Me The Horizon in Tuska Open Air 2014

Entwine will start their comeback tour in Lahti at 10.10. They will also play a gig in Helsinki at 16.10. They have also lots of other gigs coming up around the Finland, check them out from their homepage!
In Flames will have their tour in Finland in october too, 13.10. is gig in Tampere and there were three other dates too. Unfortunately I can't make any of these!
Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach will bring their tour to Helsinki at 2.11. Can't make it either as I'm in London lol.
Bullet For My Valentine will play a show in Helsinki at 12.11.
Bring Me The Horizon will play a show in Helsinki at 16.11.
Apocalyptica will play a show in Helsinki at 21.11. but they have lots of other dates too in Finland and Europe! I really hope I can make this.
Bandit's 40th Bday party will be in Helsinki at 27.11. and there will play Vanity Ink, New Generation Superstars and Manzana !

There's also lots of interesting tours coming up in 2016 like Halestorm will come back to Finland for two gigs in february! Finally, haven't seen them in ages.
There's also tour dates released from Slipknot for Sweden and Russia in january / february 2016 so let's hope they will come play one in Finland too!

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