keskiviikko 26. tammikuuta 2011

Wacken Open Air ; Amorphis, 6.8.2010, GER

It was somehow pretty funny to go to see Amorphis in W:O:A ... Well, we're sometimes so insane that we go to other countries than Finland to see some of our finnish favorite bands, even they have gigs in Finland ... insane, perhaps? ;)

Amorphis is not one of my favorite band, but if I have a chance to see them, I go to see them! And my friend want to see them, so, here we go ...
And I actually focused most of the time just for take good photos ... Tomi Joutsen, the vocalist of Amorphis, is one of the best models ;D
I felt somehow during the Amorphis gig, that german (well, mosto of the people in Wacken is german, or I guess so ... well, whatever) fans were more exciting about Amoprhis than fans in Finland ... I can't explain it, but hope so some of you get the idea, what I mean ...

We get pretty front, even there were LOTS OF PEOPLE, and I mean, A LOT. In Wacken is still quite easy to get front, if you go 'side'-way to the stage, 'cause usually people wanna be in the middle.
And if you don't wanna walk, try crowdsurffing ;)

Check out the websites ;

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