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Wacken Open Air ; Ill Niño, 6.8.2010, GER

One of my good friends is a huge Ill Niño-fan, (I have listen it, but not so much) and she said, that you should check them! So ... let's check them!

So, after Amorphis, we stayed for front of the stage, and we were so ready for Ill Niño! We almost left our places, 'cause the sun was really, really hot at tthat time ... (and I 'get burned' very easily)
Finally they started! I enjoy the gig and actually, I did something very bad during the gig ...

We have saw our two days Wacken-'time' lots of crowdsurffing. And I wanted to try it so badly!
So, I go to the moshpit for few songs, and then, when it was time for last song, I just said for one guy that 'can you help me, I wanna try crowdsurffing!' and then ... I was there, on people hands, it feels almost that you're flying :D AWESOME !!!
Of course I did it many times again during the rest of the festival ... everyone SHOULD try it, it's a ONCE IN A LIFETIME-experience! :D

One of the W:O:A stages ; True Metal Stage.
So there played for example Amorphis and Ill Niño 6.8.

Check out the websites ;

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