lauantai 22. tammikuuta 2011

Wacken Open Air ; Alice Cooper, 5.8.2010, GER

We saw Alice Cooper veeeeery far away from front line, 'cause we wanna see Mötley Crüe from front line.
There were so much people!! There were lots of people behind us too, I mean, huuuuge area ...
Photos quality it's not the best 'cause we were so far away. We cheked the end of the Alice Cooper's show from second line, front of the stage where Mötley Crüe should play.
They started right after Alice Cooper. He had almost all the same show-elements than club/concert/hall-gigs, and it was so cool!

Check out my zoom ;D

These next three photos are from the ' Mötley Crüe '-stage, I have to take these from the screen.

Check out the websites :

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