maanantai 7. maaliskuuta 2011

Children Of Bodom - Relentless Reckless Forever * record release party 8.3.2011 ! *

Tomorrow it's a big day for all crazy Children Of Bodom-fans!

And we have a special night here, in Helsinki!
We have a album release party tomorrow evening/night (8.3.2011, tuesday) at Bar Bäkkäri (Green Room)!

Here's the venue for the evening/night ;

Evening starts with Children Of Bodom gig DVD from Stockholm (BIG SCREEN STUFF!!!) and 00.00 RELENTLESS, RECKLESS, FOREVER WORLD PREMIERE! IT IS GOING TO BE HUGE CHILDREN OF BODOM DAY! REMEMBER THE DAY! 8.3.2011 BAR BÄKKÄRI [GREEN ROOM] BAR BÄKKÄRI open already basic 6pm BUT GREEN ROOM open the doors 10pm AND BIG RELEASE 00.00!!! JAUJAU!!! "
(Text by Bar Backstage @ Facebook)

Here's the adress of the bar ;
Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21, 00100
Helsinki, Finland

Here's the event-link in Facebook ; COB *record release party * !

See you tomorrow at Bar Bäkkäri/Green Room! ;)

p.s. Here's the new video from Children Of Bodom! Song is called by "Was it worth it?"! Check it out!

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