lauantai 5. maaliskuuta 2011

Vanity Ink + New Generation Superstars * tour in Finland 2010 * / pt. 2., 29.10.2010, House Of Rock, Kouvola

From Helsinki we continued our way to Kouvola.
Thank God Mirva knew a nice chick (thanks Kati! Kisses!) from Kouvola, so we got a place to sleep and hang around before the gig. Don't know how good idea it was 'cause we were pretty wasted ... I still took some photos on the gig, and here are the best ones of them!

Kouvola rocked and there were a goood rock'n'roll party all night long!

New Generation Superstars ;

Aaron ...

... Dazzle ...

... Davey ...

... and Chris!

Vanity Ink ;

Lovely Annabella ...

... Jussi ...

... Miki ...

... and Juha!
(Sad but true, I don't have any photo of Sam (drummer) :/ )


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