lauantai 5. maaliskuuta 2011

Vanity Ink + New Generation Superstars * tour in Finland 2010 * / pt. 3., 30.10.2010, Pub Norris, Karjaa

... And tha last gig was in Karjaa! In the middle of fucking nowhere, really :D

Of course there were really nice and crazy drive, more than we excepted, but it was also so sad - awesome three days, and everything goodness end so soon :(

Thank God there's no long time anymore, that I can see them (both bands, I hope so ;> ) soon, can't wait for Trash Fest!

I have photos only for NGS, again, I partied too much during the Vanity Ink gig, and the camera just stayed at my bag - and maybe it was a good thing.
Lots of hugs and kisses for these awesome dudes and chicks - I fucking love you!

Davey lick it up ;D

Check out the websites ;

p.s. You can see New Generation Superstars in Finland next time at Trash Fest, which begin this year already on 30th (of may) and ends 2nd (of april) !!! Moor info about Trash Fest coming soon! ;)

You can see the Vanity Ink touring dates from their website :)

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