torstai 3. maaliskuuta 2011

Vanity Ink + New Generation Superstars * tour in Finland 2010 * / pt. 1., 28.10.2010, Semifinal, Helsinki

One of my favorite bands have a tour in Finland last year, in october.
So ; finnish rock'n'roll band Vanity Ink were the headliner for the tour, and with they played british New Generation Superstars!
Three towns, Helsinki, Kouvola and Karjaa! (Don't have any fucking idea why there were Karjaa ... it's in the middle of nowhere ... )

Anyways, I and my friends went to every three gig and it was one of the best weekends in my life at 2010 (even my wallet didn't like it at all ...)!
We love both bands, their music and the musicians - great, great people!
We have a great time with you guys and girls! You should do this kind of tour again ... ;D

I'm sorry for that I have only two photos from the Semifinal-gig, I focused more to party and enjoy the rock'n'roll (and I was quite drunk ... lol) !
And these photo's are only from New Genration Superstars.

Aaron, guitar and vocals

Chris, drums
Check out the websites ;

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