torstai 28. huhtikuuta 2011

Taste Of Chaos ; Buckcherry, 15.11.2010, Hartwall Arena, Hki

First time I heard about Buckcherry in 2009, Graspop Metal Meeting, Belgium. I was hanging around near of the main stage and Buckcherry was the first band for friday, if I remember right.
I really liked their music, they have that beat and you just can't be dancing!

They were this time good too, but I would like to see them again in festival or then in small club. Somewhere, where's not so much people and you could have some space around you = you can dance!
But definitely great choice for this tour :)

After this Taste Of Chaos-gig, they came way more popular in Finland! Hopefully some promoters see how much people like them and we can have a chance to get they in Finland - for their OWN gig!

I'm sorry that this time I had only photos from the singer and drums (lol), the other members just ran all over the stage and it was impossible to get a good photo of them ... damn rockers :P

Check out the websites ;

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