torstai 28. huhtikuuta 2011

Taste Of Chaos ; HALESTORM, 15.11.2010, Hartwall Areena, Helsinki

Back to basics -> gig-photos! I will post these Taste Of Chaos-photos and after that I have some great news for all who love rock and metal ;)


So I waited this as much as BFMV's gig, which were a night before this one! So we decide to sleep few hours after BFMV's gig, we went to my friend's place, slept about 4-5 hours and then we continued our trip to Hartwall Arena, where Taste Of Chaos were.

There weren't so much people to wait, so we got our own 'gate-spot'. We had some nice chats with other waiting-people and the only thing which sucks was THE RAIN. Seriously. And there came rain like in the worst storm of the year before gig, so much and so hard. You can only imagine how pretty everyone were on the gig, haha!

Halestorm was the first band. If I'm honest, I haven't heard of them before this, maybe hear some of their songs from radio. They totally surprised me, of course in a positive way! And the lead singer, amazing women Elisabet "Lzzy" Hale! It was energy and different band ( I knew what was coming after Halestorm) and I enjoyed Halestorm!

Check out the websites ;

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