perjantai 29. huhtikuuta 2011

Taste Of Chaos ; Papa Roach, 15.11.2010, Hartwall Arena, Hki

The biggest reason why I bought a ticket for Taste Of Chaos-gig was definitely Papa Roach.
I have listen them so much in my youth, specially when I was teenager. I had a 'break' from them for few years but I found them again when I saw them live in Graspop Metal Meeting, Belgium, 2009. That was my first time when I saw them and I fall in love again after the break!

Thank YOU!

Setlist ;

Kick in the teeth
One track mind
The enemy
Getting away with murder be loved
Hollywood Whore
Between Angels and Insects
Last Resort

I'm proud of these photos what I got of them, it was extremely hard, cause everyone of this band moved so much and I had lots of else to do than just take photos all the time ... like for example enjoy the best gig in Taste Of Chaos, heh!

We were frontline, in the middle, and got a chance to get some hugs from Jacobs *hearts* and so on! One of the best gigs in my life, definitely!
I just fucking love 'em.

Check out the websites ;

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