tiistai 14. kesäkuuta 2011

Hardcore Superstar, 3.2.2011, Tavastia, Hki

These two days, Hardcore Superstar x 2 on thursday and friday, was definitely one of the best days in 2011!
I bought my tickets asap they came to sale, and when the first show ( 4.2. ) was sold out, they release another show for 3.2.! And of course I bough it :)

The weather was extremely horrible on thursday, it was raining everything, water, snow, shit ... haha!
We were still waiting there couple of hours before the gig, even it was age-limit gig, not allowed to under 18-years old.
During our waiting in shitness, HCSS-guys came to Tavastia and they recognize us from Sweden Rock-cruise, which were in october 2010! It was so sweet, heh :)

After hours and hours we finally get in! There we need to wait over an hour before we could run for the front row! I and my friends were on the front row, in the middle of it.
Amazing place, amazing gig, amazing feeling, amazing audience, just amazing evening!

Here's some photos ;

Jocke, vocals

Vic, guitar & backing vocals

Vic and Martin ; bass & backing vocals

Here Comes That Sick Bitch Again, it was awesome to hear at live; acoustic, only Vic, guitar and Jocke. It works!

"You wanna know about the sadistic girls?"

So där, like swedish would say it (which means something like "here you are") ;D

They had different set-lists every evening, but they played lots of songs, like 50/50 new and older ones. I didn't got any setlist so I don't remember every song what they played, but for example ; Sadistic Girls, Last Call For Alcohol, Guestlist, Here Comes That Sick Bitch Again (acoustic), Medicate Me, Dreamin' In A Casket, Bag On Your Head, We Don't Celebrate On Sundays (last song), Wildboys, My Good Reputation, Someone Special ... and so on :P

Check out the websites ;


p.s. What do you like about these bigger photos? I think it works better than smaller ones, but let me know what you think :)

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  1. I love the larger photos -- really gives more depth and volume. Then again, I have a computer that can load large pictures quite quickly, so I'm not complaining :-)

    This may or may not be of interest to you, but I am in the process of (trying) to learn Finnish. Very beautiful language!

  2. Tenebris In Lux ; Thanks! ^^
    I also like them more, I agree with you and they also bring the photo more alive ... :)
    That's good! I have also quite fast computer and I usually like to read blogs where photos are big so you can see all details well.

    Nice to hear that you're learning finnish! Is that hard language or what do you think? ^^