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Children Of Bodom + Ensiferum, Machinae Supremacy, 19.3.2011, Club Teatria, Oulu

Finally it was march, and time for The Ugly World Tour 2011 by Children Of Bodom!

I was so excited to hear at live songs from Relentless Reckless Forever-album! We started our trip already on friday 18.3. and we started to drive to Oulu from Espoo. We were in Oulu sometime at after midnight, ready for wait them little bit under 24 hours. It was snowing in Oulu and pretty cold ... their bus came there sometime, when we slept. First people after us came into Club Teatria maybe 12 o'clock or something, very late. Most of the people came out an hour before doors opened.

This time it was pretty easy to get front row, cause we could leave our car to Club Teatria's yard, so we could leave our stuff there.

First band was Machinae Supremacy, and I have to say that I haven't hear about them before this tour. Not even one song!
They are from Sweden and play little bit weird metal, but in positive way :D Pretty difficult to say quickly which band sounds like them.

After Machinae Supremacy was Ensiferum, which I know much more better than MS!
Haven't seen them a loooong time. They were just perfect band to warm-up COB, even they play pretty much different music than COB, and they did they're job very well! Luckily they played their popular songs like for example Iron ^^
I listen them more when I was younger, but I enjoyed the gig 'still', great live-band!

After Ensiferum was time for Children Of Bodom, FINALLY! We have waited this so long time.
They started with song called by Not My Funeral  and continued with some older stuff like Bodom Beach Terror  and Needled 24/7.

I think they were really great on live, even it was the first gig on tour! Great speaches, very funny and also great setlist. We really enjoyed this and we had lots of fun on the gig!
This time they had pretty interesting decorates on the stage ... :D

Setlist ;
Not My Funeral
Bodom Beach Terror
Needled 24/7
Roundtrip to Hell and back
Follow The Reaper
Living Dead Beat
Children Of Bodom
Hate Me!
Shovel Knockout
Angel's Don't Kill
In Your Face
Was It Worth It?
Hate Crew Deathroll

As you can see about the setlist, there were pretty good combination between older and new songs! I was really glad when they played Living Dead Beat, it's one of my ultimate-favorite songs from COB and that Hate Crew Deathroll  was the last song! I remember that, when they once played it in the middle of the set, and it didn't work very well ... Hate Crew Deathroll's  place IS ON the end, it fit's so perfectly for there!

And the road goes. 2 of the 3 gigs left! Next it's Tampere!

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