perjantai 17. kesäkuuta 2011

Reckless Love, 26.2.2011, Virgin Oil, Hki

We had a great weekend in february, few weeks after HCSS-''tour''!

First we went to see finnish industrial-band Turmion Kätilöt in Porvoo and next day we went to see Reckless Love in Helsinki. I like it!
'Cause I had only two ( good ) gigs, before these in feb, I really enjoyed to spend my weekend with my good friends and seeing/listening good bands! Perfect kombo ;)

They played almost all of them songs from their debut album, and also some older ones like One More Time. Pepe was ill, but still he was so brave and played very well and show that in rock'n'roll it doesn't matter are you ill or not, you will play that gig for your fans and show that rock'n'roll doesn't kill you, it will heal you, heh!

Lovely Pepe who played so well, even he was ill!

They rocked again, like usually! There's no any RL-gig where I haven't leave back to home unhappy, after their gig you can't be angry/negative/etc! You are just happy and ready to party the whole night ;)
I don't like their album-sound as much as their live-sound, on live they're more raw and I like it and I also think that fit for them better ... About the new song called by Hot ( some of you might hear it! ), I have to say that it was pretty big disappointment. It was so poppy, yes their sound ( = sweet rock'n'roll with some pop-spices ) is not so regular rock'n'roll-sound ( = raw, negative, fucked up etc. :D ) that usually bands have in this genre ... but still, it didn't ''opened'' for me. Not after hearing it maaaany times. But I can't still wait to hear the rest of the album and Hot on live, 'cause I'm pretty sure it will sound better ( and I will like it more ) on live than on radio/album! :)

This photo was quite long time Olli's profile-photo in Facebook ^^

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  1. Oon nähny Reckless Loven kanssa livenä ja täytyy sanoo, että jätkät on ainaki energisiä ! (: Henkilökohtaisesti tykkään itse Hot - biisistä, mutta mielipiteet on vain mielipiteitä. Ihana blogi !

    1. Ovat juu, ja musta toimiikin paljon paremmin livenä, ainakin itselle :)

      Totta, mielipide-kysymys. Hot on ihan okei mutta pidän esimerkiksi Animal Attraction-biisistä enemmän, se ei ole ihan niin pop omaan korvaani :)
      Kiitokset vielä kehuista!