torstai 16. kesäkuuta 2011

Hardcore Superstar, 4.2.2011, Tavastia, Hki

After thursday's show, we went to Helsinki's best rock bar, Bar Bäkkäri! HCSS-guys came there, except Jocke. It was nice to meet them there!

We woke-up pretty early on the next morning, even we went to sleep pretty late on the morning, heh! I can't remember when we went to Tavastia (waaaating, again!) but it was some time on the day. Our gang was pretty big, our group had lots of girls, also one lovely girl from Germany, who had earrings which were made of HCSS's plectrums! Super cool!
On friday-night we also had the same thing ; waaating outside, waiting inside, waiting in the front row. But you got to wait something good, always ... We had quite same places than thursday, in the middle of front row!

Again the whole audience was so 'in' on the gig, it was so magical feeling! AwesomeawesomeAWESOME show! And it was so nice to see from the (HCSS-)guys faces how glad they were about the audience. The show was again pretty long, but it still ended too early. This time they had also Jussi69 on the stage, who talk some finnish before Guestlist ... I guess you know what I mean ;)

Like I said last post, they changed set-list and they played different songs each evening. Not much changes, just few songs ^^
( You can check the list from this post, because I don't have a set-list -> can't remember all of them. )

Yayy, I got a photo of Adde!

I and my two good friends saw in MicMac-store these awesome glasses which fit so perfectly to HCSS's song Last Call For Alcohol ! ;D We wore these at both evenings, but on friday Jocke wanted these so I throw them to him. Then rest of the band also wanted them, so Reetta and Ira throw their owns too. They looked so handsome with these ;)

I'm so happy about these gigs, they really made my days! One of the best days in 2011, definitely. Hardcore Superstar is awesome swedish band, which deserve all of those huge praises etc what they've got during their whole career. They're one of the best live-bands in the world, and if you haven't see them yet and you're little bit afraid '' Is it true? Are they as good what everyone say? ", then you need to see/hear it by your own eyes/ears ;) I'm sure it will be worth it and you have one more favorite band after that! ^^
They're playing extremely good rock'n'roll, they're good on stage and they're really nice and friendly for their fans, which is one of the best things in this band. They really care about their fans!

Thank you so much! See ya soon ;)

Check out the websites ;

p.s. I got three more ... ;) Now I got these like 10? Heh ...

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