maanantai 20. kesäkuuta 2011

Children Of Bodom + Ensiferum, Machinae Supremacy, 22.3.2011, Helsinki Icehall, Hki

We had a one day-off before the last gig in Finland.

We left from Tampere pretty soon after the gig and start to drive to Helsinki. It didn't take as long as Oulu -> Tre-way, it took like two or three hours, if I remember right. Then we went to our Helsinki friend's house to sleep and it feel so good to sleep in REAL BED, heh!
When we woke-up on the morning ( actually on the day ), we went to shop to buy some food for the day and for the waiting. We went to wait outside Helsinki's Icehall like 3.00-4.00 o'clock on the EARLY morning.

There were pretty rainy weather, so the next ones came on the morning and more people came later on the day. One thing which make me very angry in waiting, is those rude and selfish people who usually are some teenagers! Like, if you see people waiting there and sitting on the ground, they still walk 'over' them and go before them to the line. I mean, seriously, how dumb they are and how they can think that none of those sitting people don't see what's going on?! C'AMOON!
For fuck sake ... Usually the first thing what I wanna do is just hit them and hard, but usually we just say nicely that ''you weren't here first, so please, come here and after everyone else who were here before you". Of course they have some weird system in their head and brain and they can't understand those clear sentences, so you need to start speak louder and meaner. And then they start to yell that "you're a bitch" and stuff like that.
Hey, seriously, is that right that you can go how you like, act like you're some fucking king who can do whatever he wants, and then when someone return you to reality and say how the thing is really, you start to yell them? :D I think that's kind a funny thing.
If you wanna be the first in the line, COME THERE FIRST. If you wanna sleep later and wake-up on the day, then get the fucking deal with it that you're not one of the first ones. AMEN.

Can't understand why's so hard to understand so simple thing .... aaaaargh!!!

Well, finally the doors opened and this time everything went well! Which was really big surprise, because usually in Icehall everything fucked up. So, we got our places on the front row and in the middle of it, little bit in the right side ( Roope's side ), like we were in the all other gigs.

Machinae Supremacy ;

Ensiferum ;

Children Of Bodom ;

The setlist was same than in Oulu and Tampere.

Before Children Of Bodom ( and during the Ensiferum's show ) they start to put and build some camera-things. They filmed the whole gig, and the results you can see about the new video from
Children Of Bodom - Roundtrip to Hell and Back.

I'm not sure about that, is all the clips on the video from this Helsinki-gig, but at least some of them are, because I can see myself on it :D

Thanks for amazing tour to Children Of Bodom! Thanks for making my march so funny and great :)
And also for great support bands. See ya in Wacken Open Air!

Check out the websites ;

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