maanantai 20. kesäkuuta 2011

Children Of Bodom + Ensiferum, Machinae Supremacy, 20.3.2011, Pakkahuone, Tre

We started to drive from Oulu to Tampere pretty soon after the gig ended in Club Teatria. There were lots of cars in the yard of Club Teatria so we need to wait that we have some space to move out there!

We had quite bad weather when we drived from Oulu, lots of snow rained all the time. But when we finally came to Tampere, there were sun shining and little bit warmer than in Tampere.
We were there about 9.00 or 10.00 o'clock on the morning, if I remember right, and there were three girls before us waiting.

Little bit after us there came COB's tour bus, hahaa we win you guys, we were faster! :D

Waiting went pretty well, except there was pretty warm -> snow start to melt -> the whole yard was really wet and full of water.
About an hour before doors should open, they told that from Klubi's door ( it's in the same building than Pakkahuone, but it's in the other way of the whole building ) can get in everyone who's over 18 and those doors will open little bit earlier than Pakkahuone's doors. Then I and my friend Suski ran to those door, and other ones left to the Pakkahuone-doors.
Well, the thing went really that way that the doors opened at the same time, and these Klubi's doors which should open earlier than Pakkahuone's doors, opened actually little bit LATER!!! Wtf ?!

Well, we got our places in the front row ( cause the area in Pakkahuone was half for under 18 years old and other half for over 18 years old ). But still, weird, usually everything have worked WELL in Pakkahuone. Argh.

I didn't take lots of photos, I focused more to enjoy the gigs.

Machinae Supremacy ;

Ensiferum ;

I didn't took any photos of Children Of Bodom, I just enjoyed the gig :/ :)

Setlist was the same than in Oulu, and somehow I liked more of this gig in Pakkahuone, maybe that's why Pakkahuone is smaller than Club Teatria, not so ''cold place'', and the sound was better.

Next is final gig from The Ugly World Tour in 2011, in Finland. So 1 of 3 gigs to go anymore, next is Hellsinki!

Check out the websites ;

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